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Anabolic steroids are quite serious drugs that must be taken with great responsibility. It is no secret that most of them have side effects that can be harmful to health if used improperly. It is very important to use only licensed products, not to try to save money using counterfeit goods

The thecrownemsworth website offers only 100% original product made by the world’s leading brands Alpha Pharma, Meditech Pharmaceuticals, La Pharma, British Dispensary, Thaiger Pharma, Platinum Biotech, Global Anabolic, Organon. They manufacture steroids in a tried and tested formulation at optimal dosages. Only such drugs are used by professional athletes who set themselves the highest goals.

The site contains a lot of preparations for burning fat (drying), for a quick set of muscle mass, for getting lean relief muscles, for increasing efficiency and endurance. But it is important to use them responsibly – consultations with specialists who, based on the goals, can determine the optimal dosage, the duration of the course, so that you reach the peak of the form for the competition and there are no prohibited substances left in the body. After completing the course, you need to recover, so you need to take a PCT course prescribed by a specialist, as well as follow his recommendations for training intensity and diet.

The site for the sale of anabolic drugs thecrownemsworth was created for people who do not save on their health. In the catalog, products are divided into sections, including:

  • SARM;
  • fat burners;
  • growth hormones;
  • peptides;
  • PCT (drugs for recovery after a course of steroids);
  • nootropics;
  • pain relievers, etc.

It is possible to search for drugs by manufacturer in case a person is looking for steroids from a specific company. On the manufacturer’s page there is a list of all drugs, their form of release, dosages currently presented on the site.

Separate sections in the catalog are allocated to popular drugs – Dinabol, Anavar and Clenbuterol, which are produced by almost all pharmaceutical companies presented on the site. Here it is convenient to select steroids according to the form of release, dosage, price and manufacturer. Dosage options allow you to buy only the volume necessary for the course, not to overpay for extra pills.

The drugs are sold in the form of tablets and ampoules. Each one has an instruction and a barcode on the packaging confirming the authenticity. You can check the information on the barcode on the manufacturer’s website.

The site provides detailed information about each steroid, the recommended dosages and possible side effects. If you have questions about the composition and recommendations, consultants will be able to answer them at any time of the day. A big plus of the site is the ability to leave a review for any drug, tell customers about its pros and cons. This information will be useful to those who are planning to purchase the drug for the first time and do not know what to expect from it.

Only registered users can make purchases on the site, so you need to open a personal account, specify all the necessary information accurately. It is especially worth considering the introduction of contact information, since without them it will be impossible to resolve any emerging issues.

All purchases on the site are protected, as well as personal information of customers, it is not used anywhere. There are no restrictions on the minimum and maximum order quantities, since the administration does not want to restrict its customers in anything in the hope that they will become permanent.

You can pay for the purchase in different ways, but to guarantee the safety of the monetary transaction, each buyer receives instructions on how to make the payment individually to the email address. This reduces the risk of fraudulent activity. You can pay with bank cards and Bitcoin.

On the website, prices are given in US dollars, and calculations are carried out only in this currency, but for the convenience of European users, you can choose the option to change the currency, and prices will be shown in euros or pounds sterling.

Delivery is carried out to all countries of Europe and the USA, and for the safety of the goods, insurance is offered in the amount of 10% of the order amount. The insurance guarantees re-delivery in case the goods are damaged on the way or are lost. Damage is rare, since ampoules are fragile material and a special wrapping material is used for its packaging to protect the contents from damage.

On average, order delivery is carried out within 15 days and only after 100% prepayment. At this time, the buyer can track the route of his parcel using the URL link with the tracking number.

Important! Only persons over the age of 21 have the right to make purchases on the site. The site was created for professional athletes who know how to use steroids correctly. Here they get acquainted with new products, buy high-quality anabolic drugs for their own use or for use by their wards.